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Deep Dive - Submarine Excursion

With this excursion you reach the max depth of our ocean reefs. Experience unique and newly discovered species that have been discovered right on this reef. Be part of an exclusive expedition that goes way beyond scuba dive depth and our other submersible dives. The total dive time for this experience is 2h. The total duration is 2.5h which includes a briefing before departure. This dive excursion is limited, please check our schedule for available dates.

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Discovery dive

Take a peek and experience the deep reef where we descend 300 ft to explore this unknown biodiversity.

About your Experience

Arrival times


Depth of dive

Minimum age

8:30 am | 11:30 am
| 14:30 pm

2 hours

Approx. 1000 ft
/ 300 m

8 years old

Good To Know / FAQs

Deep Dive

A journey through untraveled depths

$ 650
  • Ages 8+
  • No training required
  • Price per person
  • Pictures included; top-side & from inside the sub

Resident Rate

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