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C-Explorer 5

You have the freedom to explore the Curacao Sea Aquarium reef up to 600ft (200m) below, previously explored by very few. During these dives you will encounter various shipwrecks, numerous fish species, and dazzlingly beautiful coral reefs.Have a glimpse inside the C-Explorer 5

The "CuraSub"

The “CuraSub” is a five-person submersible capable of descending to 1000 ft (305 m).

Equipped with a forward 40″ dome window, hydraulic manipulator arms and collecting equipment, it is suitable for both tourism and scientific research purposes (including that carried out by renowned international organizations such as the Smithsonian Institution). 

The CuraSub

A "Once-in-a-Lifetime" Experience

Safety First

Spectacular View

Extraordinary Sea Life

Our Experiences

Are you ready to discover the underwater world of Curaçao yourself? Check out the experiences that we offer!

Adrenaline Dive

This exhilarating hour-long dive takes you safely beneath the sea to depths that few have experienced. During this dive, we submerge to 450 ft (137 m). As we descend, we will examine the Stella Maris – a shipwreck lying at approx. 300 ft that has been resting on the seafloor for more than 30 years.

Explorers Dive

Discover the unknown depths! We descend 600 ft to explore our favorite reef sites and two shipwrecks

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