Introduction Pilot course

Pilot Introduction - first step to becoming an underwater explorer

Have you always wondered what it’s like to operate a submersible? If you want to try piloting but are not quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, sign up for the Introduction Pilot Course (IPC). You will gain insight in the world of submersible diving.

During this full-day activity, you will make some of the steps to be a certified submersible pilot. This is the perfect option if you are eager to try operating a submersible but are short on time or not quite ready for a full certification course.
The program consists of a brief classroom session and introduction to the submersible, followed by hands-on diving activities.

This is an exclusive program which is daily avialable

About your Experience

Arrival times

9:00 am |  5:00 pm


full day

Depth of dive

Approx. 1,000 ft
/ 300 m

Minimum age

18 years old

Good to know

Pilot course

A journey through untraveled depths

$ 5,400
  • Age 18+
  • No training required
  • Price per person
  • Includes lunch, refresments

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