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A "Once-in-a-Lifetime" Experience

Unlike SCUBA-diving, submarine-diving has no effects of pressure change on the body. This means that people who are unfit to dive due to medical reasons for Scuba diving are almost always allowed to dive with the submarine. People with ear-problems, cardiac disease, lung problems, and similar conditions are all allowed to dive in the submarine as well. All systems have been certified by DNV. Annual surveys held make sure we meet and exceed the highest international safety standards.

Safety First

Spectacular View

Extraordinary Sea Life

Our Experiences

Come aboard one of our submersibles for a memorable diving experience. Our expeditions take you on an amazing underwater voyage to see Curaçao’s beautiful marine life close-up. Among the many highlights of our diving voyages are explorations of shipwrecks and spectacular reefs, along with dazzling fish species you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

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Wreck Dive

This exhilarating hour-long dive takes you safely beneath the sea to depths that few have experienced. During this dive, we submerge to 450 ft (137 m). As we descend, we will view the Stella Maris – a shipwreck lying at approx. 300 ft that has been resting on the seafloor for more than 30 years.

Explorers Dive

Discover the unknown depths! We descend 600 ft to explore our favorite reef sites and two shipwrecks

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