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Reveal the Secrets of the Deep Sea: Join Us on an Epic Underwater Journey

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Diving with a submarine is a descent into the ocean's hidden secrets, where you'll encounter mesmerizing marine life and stunning underwater landscapes. Join us for a journey that will forever change your perspective of our planet, as we explore the mysteries and treasures of the deep sea.

Wreck Dive

450ft. / 135m
1 hour
The Wreck Dive is a one-hour underwater journey to an abandoned wreck in the deep ocean...
Ultimate experience

Explorer Dive

650ft. / 200m
1.5 hours
Our most popular dive is the Explorer's Dive. Also called the 'Beauty Run'.
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Research Dive

1000ft. / 300m
2 hours
Have you always wanted to be part of a nature study? This is your chance!
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Can’t find what you’re looking for in our regular programs? Or do you have a special request for a larger group? 
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Substation Curaçao's Curasub: Your Gateway to Uncharted Depths

How it all started...

Substation Curaçao launches Curasub (June 2010), the world's most spectacular certified submersible for tourists. The Curasub descends two times a day from Bapor Kibra to unreachable depths for divers. Onboard, submarine passengers make a memorable journey to places where very few people have ever been.

The colorful fish, corals and old shipwrecks are perfectly visible in the crystal clear waters that surround the island of Curaçao. From inside the Curasub passengers have a clear view with visibility over 30m (100ft). The design of the Curasub is based on the well proven Aquarius submersible, which today is still operational.

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What people are saying

Sueli G
Oct 2023 • Friends
Amazing experience, I felt very safe. I would definitely do it again if I have the chance. We went down to 1002 feet deep for two hours and saw sea life that I would not encounter while scuba diving.
Addy D
Sep 2023 • Friends
Super experience, very friendly pilot. A great opportunity to see a bit of depth from the ocean. Many thanks to the team.
Jenna R
Aug 2023 • Couples
Great experience! Very professional an safe! Saw the reef ship wreck as well as many fish. Very enjoyable!
Kezia R
Aug 2023 • Friends
What an amazing experience, from the intro to the dive even the debriefing. They were fun, friendly,and professional every step of the way.
Godwin A
Aug 2023 • Couples
This was AMAZING!!! From begin to the end this was very well organized en super save. I love the people that work here!
Tonja R
Jun 2023
Trip of a lifetime below the surface. Our guide kept us calm and comfortable and taught us a lot about the landscape and fishies. Bucket list item - can't recommend enough.

A once in a lifetime experience!

Unlike SCUBA-diving, submarine-diving has no effects of pressure change on the body. For people with special medical conditions please contact us. All systems have been certified by Germanischer Lloyd’s, meeting and exceeding the highest international safety standards.
Safety First
Spectacular View
Extraordinary Sea Life
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