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Research Dive - become an underwater explorer

We take the world of deep sea exploration even further with this dive. For over 10 years, deep sea research has been taken place at our location, in collaboration with institutes from all over the world like the Smithsonian, Naturalis and NIOZ. This dive experience is like no other where you get to go on the sub that is used for specifically research only, the Curasub.

Become an underwater explorer by scouting the seabed up to 1000ft where go to the bottom of the ocean and look for new species. We will show and share with you current research that is ongoing, as well as recent discovered species that can only be seen at these depths. At depths of 1,000ft, the ocean will reveal its unique organisms and other life forms you've never seen before.

Get into the front-seat of an ocean researcher and if you're lucky we even let you play with the manipulator arm or take new species with us. Dive duration is 2 hours.

After completion of the dive you we'll sing you up for our explorers club and keep you posted on futher research and discoveries taking place.

This is a limited program and is now available in July.

About your Experience

Arrival times

8:30 am |  1:00 pm



Depth of dive

Approx. 1,000 ft
/ 300 m

Minimum age

8 years old

Good to know

Research Dive

A journey through untraveled depths

$ 800
  • Ages 8+
  • No training required
  • Price per person
  • Pictures included; top-side & from inside the sub

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