Discovering the Hidden Wonders: Curaçao's Marine Research Triumphs

Marine Research

Marine research on Curaçao is producing spectacular results! Marine biologists from around the world have used our CuraSub for exploration of the deep reefs around Curaçao and have documented their discoveries in major scientific journals. This has helped Curaçao rapidly earn a reputation as a destination where exploring the twilight zone of the ocean is producing dynamic results.

For questions about our research projects in particular or marine research in general, feel free to contact us.
Revealing Remarkable Marine Species: Dr. Rafael Lemaitre's Hermit Crab Discovery


Among the specimens discovered were not only new species of fish, but also a vividly colored hermit crab that had previously only been observed as a colorless museum specimen.

This hermit crab lives in tusk shells, into which it can retract while protecting itself by sealing the shell’s opening with its flat claw.

A once in a lifetime experience!

Unlike SCUBA-diving, submarine-diving has no effects of pressure change on the body. For people with special medical conditions please contact us. All systems have been certified by Germanischer Lloyd’s, meeting and exceeding the highest international safety standards.
Safety First
Spectacular View
Extraordinary Sea Life
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