Thrilling Submersible Dive Experiences Create Lifelong Memories

Diving in a U-Boat Worx sub from "Sub-Station Curaçao" offers the perfect opportunity to explore life beneath the surface. We offer two exciting submersible diving experiences into deep waters- from 450 ft to 1000 ft (305 m) below - giving participants a fascinating first-hand look at stunning sea life and historical shipwrecks. The total dive time for this experience is 1.5h. The total duration is 2h which includes a briefing before departure

Adrenaline Dive

This exhilarating hour-long dive takes you safely beneath the sea to depths that few have experienced. During this dive, we submerge to 450 ft (137 m). As we descend, we will view the Stella Maris – a shipwreck lying at approx. 300 ft that has been resting on the seafloor for more than 30 years.

Explorers Dive

Discover the unknown depths! We descend 600 ft to explore our favorite reef sites and two shipwrecks

Sneak peaks

A selecton of photos in and around our venue.

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